Dustin Heer

Music has always been woven into the fabric of my life. My earliest memories include my family's playful off-key singing and my mother's nurturing influence, introducing me to a world of music and performance. Her coaching led me to discover the profound connection between songs and emotions.

Over the years, I've taught myself multiple instruments, expanded my repertoire across genres, and performed in diverse venues. Singing with Carnival Cruise Lines amplified my skills and exposed me to countless musicians who enriched my musical journey. Today, my style is an eclectic blend, uniquely me, reflecting my love for various genres. Music's profound ability to touch our souls and convey emotions words can't capture continually inspires my deep passion for it, as it takes us to places where words alone cannot reach.

CC Amato

Nashville Recording Artist/Singer-Songwriter, Event Planner, DJ/ Karaoke/Host, Proud Mom.

Zena Jean

Singer-songwriter Zena Scott is a junior at Liberty High School and an officer for Brentwood FFA.

A love for animals helped her navigate the loss of her father. She is a barrel racer and certified equine massage therapist.

Tom Duarte

Duarte's musical style is firmly based in traditional Latin music, while referencing elements of funk and jazz fusion.

Duarte is a versatile guitarist, deeply rooted in Latin music but skilled in an array of genres. His electric guitar talents led him to extensive touring with Merl Saunders, where he shared stages with legends like Ray Charles, B.B King, and Bonnie Raitt. He's graced international and national venues, recorded four Latin and contemporary CDs, and contributed to various eclectic Bay Area projects as a studio musician. Duarte now regularly mesmerizes audiences with his solo and Latin trio performances, displaying his passionate, gypsy-inspired playing that transcends both acoustic and electric realms.